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Friday, 23 September 2011

GP- Read all About it!

Welcome to Graphic Photography. A company that i have created for an assignment in Online Web Marketing. I’m currently studying Web Design and development at Prestige Academy in Cape town and i specialize in Web designing. I have year and a half experience in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, HTML and CSS (creating websites),Microsoft Expression Web, Dreamweaver, AdobeSoundbooth, AdobeFlash (ActionScript), Javascript, StructuredQuery Language(SQL), Catalyst and Premiere(CS4) . We have worked with After Effects which will involve the graphic design part. This year I will be completing my studies in Web Design and Development. Then I will have learned ASP.NET and PHP. This blog mainly involves what i as a student enjoys doing editing and optimizing of photos, graphic designing and animated banners.

Photography is also another passion of mine. The photography part of this small business involves pictures that I have taken over the past years. I have seen a few photography sites and this has really inspired me to continue next year with a graphic photography more in detail. Below are some links to their sites. These are mainly magazine sites.

Here are some images that I have taken beginning of this year. I went to Palaborwa for a week and in that week I went to Nelspruit and took these pictures. I hope you enjoy the view like I did when I took the pictures.

If you want to learn about HTML and CSS then you can view the link below. It shows you how to use and apply it afterwards. This you can use when you want to create your own website or create a website for a friends, family member or a business.
Please look forward to my next post which will be posted soon.
Thank you for viewing Graphic Photography.
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