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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Making the most of advertising banners

Banners are the most important form of Internet advertising. It can be highly interactive and the action is performed immediately. Not only does it attract customers but is can also be converted into sale.  The main point of the banner is to attract the customers.
A few point to bare in mind before creating you online banner campaign.
  • The purpose of your banner is to attract the right target market to purchased your products or services.
  • Strengthen and create brand awareness.
  • The text and graphics you will be using in the banner. If you wish to insert a message inside your banner, make sure message is strong and to the point.
  • Animated banners are better than static ones because it involves the user by attracting their attention more effectively. 
An important factor to remember is to advertise your product or service and not your website. It is important to link the page that the product is on as apposed to the home page for the viewer or potential customer do not want to look for your product. They will most likely just leave the website for they do not want to spend time looking for the product that was advertise. 

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