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Monday, 10 October 2011

Owning a Camera

If a picture is worth a thousand words then surely that must justify that a proper camera is worth thousands of Rands. Getting the right camera is not as easy as going to the shop and buying it off the shelf. That can be done, but you might not be as happy as you think or worth your while. So much to look at! There is camera lens, camera pixels, camera model plus the brand and what is the camera going to be used for? So many different variables that that play at hand. Next time you go to the camera shop for your new camera keep that in mind. My advice would be to do a little research before you go and splash the cash.
For more information view the site below. You can find out about lens elements and image, quality influence of lens, the focal length zoom lens vs. prime lens and many more.
If you want view different brands of cameras and prices, you can go to:
Lastly here are few cameras that recommend, which can help you as a photographer can use.  
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  1. Thanks this help me alot

  2. Cool blog. Thanks for the post and the cool link, I'm wanting to so badly get myself a camera, I'm using my cellphone camera and a lil digital point and shoot cam, on my cellphone I've downloaded adobe photoexpress and have been playing around a lot with colour correction, playing with after effects with photos is also helping me learn how to take more pride when taking the initial shot.

  3. Thank for the comment Sagren.You should look at after effect tutorial,could also be helpful.
    Hope you get your camera soon!